Reflecting upon the Manchester bombing

Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual, or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that reject or undermine the status quo or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice.

On 22 May 2017, a suicide bomber was carried out at Manchester Arena, England, following a concert by American singer  Ariana Grande.Twenty-three adults and children, including Abedi, were killed and 116 were injured, some critically.

Students and staff at Somerset Progressive School, led by Head teacher Neil Gage respected a minutes silence to reflect upon the Manchester bombing.


Student Council member and Key Stage 4 Student Jaydon provided a presentation on radicalisation and how he felt it had influenced the bomber. He talked about the warning signs of radicalisation, discussed how people might become radicalised and also reflected on how we might define extremism. He also provided students with an overview of the Manchester bombing.