Students at Somerset Progressive School celebrate successes during weekly assembly

Students and Staff celebrate successes each week during our weekly assembly held every friday.

Certificates of achievement are presented to students based upon engagement, behaviour and IEP targets. Students have the opportunity to earn bronze, Silver, Gold or even the new Platinum Certificate. They also receive a small financial ‘Student Bonus’ which they can spend with their Key workers as part of their tutorial or save to buy something special.

Each week staff place comments into a bucket and ‘catch students being good’  each week there is a draw made from the bucket and a chance to double their student bonus. Each week a theme for the bin is chosen from British Values for example Being tolerant, being respectful, being honest.

Head teacher Neil Gage Presenting Robert (Student Council and Key Stage 5) with his well deserved Platinum Certificate. Robert has been recently taking a number of exams.

Emma Presented Certificates to Key stage 4 and 5 students who went on further educational visits to various local colleges as part of their transition from Somerset Progressive school. Staff and keyworkers work hard to ensure that every student has a progression route when moving on from us. Emma commented during the Assembly on the excellent behaviour and attitude of all students who took part.


here is Jaydon (Student Council) preparing to draw a comment out at random from the Bin. Staff add comments based upon a weekly British Values topic. this week students received comments when staff caught them ‘Being Honest’