Meet our Teachers

Teaching Staff

The School is staffed with a highly skilled and qualified team of professionals and resourced to offer a wide range of educational, medical and therapeutic resources for children and young adults who have complex needs, including learning difficulties and behaviours that are challenging or inappropriate in community settings. Staff are trained in both diffusion and breakaway techniques.
Karl Templeman
Head Teacher
Peter Horton SMT  Sport, Maths
Peter Horton
Pastoral Lead, SMT Physical Education and Animal Care
Jason Searle Art
Jason Searle
Chris Silverton, English
Chris Silverton
Key Stage 2 Lead & Coordinator SMT
Len Maxton LSA
Len Maxten
Outdoor Education
Carol Clarke
Teaching Assistant
Step Chard Deputy Head
Steph Chard
Senco and SMT
Steve Collins SMT, Horticulture, ODE
Steve Collins
Teacher of Horticulture and ODE
Georgie Chedzoy LSA
George Chedzoy
Jane Thorpe Primary Education
Jane Thorpe
John Confrey History
Jon Confrey
Sharron Fairholme
Sharron Fairholme
Tutor Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)
Gaye Williams
Head of Maths Examinations SMT
John Slingsby Maths, School Governor
John Slingsby
ICT and Staff Govenor
Ronni Spurr
Teaching Assistant
Teresa Rudnicki PSHE
Teresa Rudnicki
Sam Smith Maintenance
Sam Smith
Shannon Holcombe
Shannon Holcombe
Teaching Assistant
Charlotte e Roby
Emma Robbens Food Technology
Emma Robbens
Food Technology
Mark Hayhurst Environmental Studies
Mark Hayhurst
SMT, Teaching and Learning and Environmental Science
Rosie Watts
Teaching Assistant and Autism Lead
Sharron Lindsey
Sharron Lindsey
Teacher English
Ashley Pole
Teaching Assistant
Gavin Smith Primary Education Lead
Gavin Smith
Teaching Assistant