Students at Somerset Progressive School Benefit from Educational Visits.

Outdoor activities form an important part of children’s education. They enhance Curriculum work and promote the personal and social development of young children as well as contributing to their understanding of particular areas of learning, subjects and topics. Here at Somerset Progressive School we believe strongly in the importance of providing our students with regular opportunities […]

Pupils Enjoy Environmental Studies Trip to Bristol Zoo

Students studying Environmental Science at the School enjoyed a trip to Bristol Zoo. They were able to explore all of the different areas, before participating in a workshop on animal adaptions. A really enjoyable day.

Year 11 Leaver Jaydon reflects on his time at Somerset Progressive School

Open Day

Students at Somerset Progressive School celebrate successes during weekly assembly

Students and Staff celebrate successes each week during our weekly assembly held every friday. Certificates of achievement are presented to students based upon engagement, behaviour and IEP targets. Students have the opportunity to earn bronze, Silver, Gold or even the new Platinum Certificate. They also receive a small financial ‘Student Bonus’ which they can spend […]

Reflecting upon the Manchester bombing

Radicalization (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual, or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that reject or undermine the status quo or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice. On 22 May 2017, a suicide bomber was carried out at Manchester Arena, England, following […]